Gamer PC Mouse Pads Razor Goliathus Control M


Gaming mouse pads. Wow talk about major specialty items, but if you've ever played a FPS then you know how important speed and accuracy is, so the Steelseries QcK and the Razor Vespula look good. On Amazon, the massively big Steelseries QcK Heavy, QcK+ have great reviews as does the the Razer Scarab Expert Hard  which is a little more normal sized and has a case but is expensive. And just doing as well are the Razer Goliathus which come in regular size (Omega S), big (Medium) and huge (Large). The bigger the pad the easier it is to have control. They also come in speed and control versions. I tried the Goliathus Control M for about $20.
The medium is about the right normal size and it is nice and textured.