Month: September 2012

Sharpening images, cleaning noise and photo workflow updates

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Well the standard trick for sharpening photos is the wonderfully named unsharp mask (ugh what a name), but there have been better approaches. Adobe Photoshop implements something called Smart Sharpen and there are lots of papers on the topic. For a while I used FocusMagic but they don’t have version for the Intel Mac. So…

Time Capsule early generation to MacBook and AppleTV at 5GHz

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Not quite sure what model, but it is an old Time Capsule, I think 2nd generation, in any case, just beware that there is a strange bug with 7.6.1 firmware. If you want to do 5GHz mode, you need to set it to 802.11n (a compatible), if you set it to 802.11n only then the…

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