Month: December 2012

Digital pianos and keyboards

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If this isn’t the hardest category to figure out, I don’t know what is. The first thing to figure out is what you want: Midi keyboard. This doesn’t have any ability to produce music, you hook a computer up and the computer makes the sound. Very cheap. Keyboard. These are the classic synthesizer device, lots…

Kitchen Appliances

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A good time to get toasters and things for the home that has everything: Brevet BOV800XL. Cook’s Illustrated likes it, Consumer Reports likes it and the Amazon reviews are great. It’s just amazingly expensive at $250. AMCO Houseworks Model 06-0354. A $11 juice squeezer that works 🙂 Vollrath Cookie Sheets. These are really solid and…

Headphone recommendation

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Seems like everyone wants one for this Christmas and the price spread has never been wider. Like sunglasses, these are hugely marked up item, so you can literally pay from $10 to $10,000. Wirecutter has a pretty good handle on it. (personally I’ve always like the Etymotic ER-4i and ER-6, but that’s another story).…

Small Form Factor Desktop PC

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Just what I need. Now that we’ve made a mongo (12 gallon tank) monster PC that is running at an amazing 150fps on Black Ops II and 1GBps disk access on an overclocked 4.5GHz Ivy Bridget 3570K processor and dual GTX670 SLI overclocked by 72Mhz and 200MHz on memory, time now to look at smaller…

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