If this isn’t the hardest category to figure out, I don’t know what is. The first thing to figure out is what you want:

  1. Midi keyboard. This doesn’t have any ability to produce music, you hook a computer up and the computer makes the sound. Very cheap.
  2. Keyboard. These are the classic synthesizer device, lots of different sounds built in. Can act like a Midi keyboard
  3. Digital piano. These are the most like real pianos. The main thing is much fancier keys that have the feel of a real piano actions but don’t have lots of sounds and so forth. You can plug this into the 

If you are looking at these, you can pay amazingliy low and and high prices, but it looks like $500 or so gives you a decent keyboard with the full 88 keys and decent action.

  • Casio PX-130
  • Yamaha P-95

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