Maybe this is it, the Sony NEX-6

We’ve been debating which is the right next generation camera. With Bob opting for Fuji, Rennie for Olympus and John for Samsung. But maybe this is the tiebreaker? It does seem to have every feature under the sun: Sony NEX-6 Review: Digital Photography Review Sony NEX-6 specification highlights 16.1MP APS-C format CMOS sensor 2.3 million […]

List of sister sites

Hey these sites are our sisters with specific purposes. Will see about making cross posting easier, but they are: The Marketing Playbook. With my buddy John Zagula about broader marketing and business strategy. Durian PC. Well the joke is that we smell (figuring out technology) so you don’t have to. Focused on PC technology. Think […]

Another comparison Canon SL1 vs T4i or T5i vs EOS-M

Canon EOS Rebel SL1: The Shrunken Down Beginner DSLR You’ve Been Waiting For A DSLR for beginners just doesn’t make as much sense when there are smaller mirrorless cameras that can achieve similar results. So Canon shrunk the T4i down. Here’s the mini version, Canon EOS Rebel SL1. With the exception of its size the […]

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