Find my iPhone

A pretty misnamed app and hard to find. Bit this lets you keep track of your late model iOS devices and macs. It is complicated to use but let’s u find a missing phone. And Aldo have it start screaming “I’m lost!” Well not literally out of the box but figuratively.
Also lets you remote wipe and also send a reward if found message. Sadly it won’t work if data is turned off. And the average thief knows how to always turn the phone off and do a fresh reinstall (why doesn’t apple require a password for that???)
But here is how to use it
1. Got to settings and choose iCloud.
2. Enter your apple Id a d make sure find my iPhone is clicked on
3. Make sure wireless data is always on.
4. Lose your phone ๐Ÿ™‚
5. Find a web browser on your pc. Or whatever and Goto iCloud
4. Login and click on the find my iphone button. And you see a map and your phone. Click on make a sound.
5. As an aside the same app runs on anything rising iOS 5 or later so install ASAP on your iPad, iPad mini. It also works on late model MacBooks running snow leopard I think. Go to system preferences and choose iCloud. Turn on find my Mac
5a. Download the dedicated find my iPhone app from the App Store and login and u can see all your idevices and macs.
6. You can also use this as a poor mans locator because u can have multiple iCloud accounts. So on your forgetful Tweens phone Goto setting and choose mail, calendar and contacts. Pick add account and choose iCloud. Enter your own apple I’d and turn everything off but find my iPhone. Now when u look at that app it will locate that phone as well!
7. The above isn’t really a tracker as it is easy to disable and you probably should tell the owner you r using this but it is useful for those days when I throw your kids phone in the recycling by accident ๐Ÿ™‚

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