Canon 5d2 settings

I keep forgetting settings but for my canon 5d2, I shoot in raw to get the extra two stops of dynamic range. This means that

  • automatic light optimization I leave off since it doesn’t affect raw
  • highlight tone priority shoots at a lower iso by on stop and then brightens digitally. So an iso 200 shot is actually taken at iso 100 and then shadows are brightened. I don’t use this as the camera is relatively noisy already so pushing dark means more noise at least in theory. For newer cameras like the fuji xe-1 this can work really well as it is so low noise which is why they implement this for up to two stops. So an iso400 shot is really iso 100 and then I camera brightened.
  • picture styles only apply tomjoeg but set as faithful so the histogram a which are based in jpeg in camera are accurate v

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