Stocking stuffers for do-gooders

Well if you care about the world, might as well put your money where your mouth is and also some cute local manufacturers; They source from around the world and help coops just about everywhere. This is a Seattle company that recycles goods. Maybe not the prettiest but you can feel good about […]

Stocking Stuffers for neat freaks

Well buying a vacuum cleaner might sound like the height of boooorrrringgg, but what if you have someone who really needs 🙂 Consumer Reports is usually a good source for this and the $30 a year subscription is well worth it. After looking there are other places, the best “stick vacuum cleaner” is the kind […]

Windows 7 and Lightboost

Ok, I haven’t used a Windows machine in a long time, but here’s a tip. If you are lucky enough to have a fancy display like the ASUS 27 which is a 144 Hz monitor, then you can turn on Lightboost to get much less flicker and motion artifacts as describes. You can either […]

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