Well if you care about the world, might as well put your money where your mouth is and also some cute local manufacturers;

  • Apolisglobal.com. They source from around the world and help coops just about everywhere.
  • Metamorphicgear.com. This is a Seattle company that recycles goods. Maybe not the prettiest but you can feel good about using their totes.
  • Filson. Local seattle outdoor gear and clothing company
  • Gaiam.com. A boulder company focused on organize products.
  • Yield Design, they have a bag that converts into a picnic blanket for one. Nice if you’ve got two people then your bag is your combo blanket 🙂

The Trustees.org have a good list too:

  • Etsy.com. This is a coop shopping site
  • Freshpicnic.com. Eco friendly galore

Real Simple also did a review of outdoor blankets:

  • ZipnGo Blanket. Made in the US and waterproof too. Made in Idaho so pretty cool and you can get it embroidered.

If you are in the UK:

  • Sustainably Yours. This is a UK site with lots of sustainable products.

Fairtradeusa.org certifies people who do these kind of things:

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