Triple jump to Kodi, Yosemite and MythTV 0.27

I’ve been using MythTV pretty well along with XBMC. XBMC’s add-on even lets you watch MythTV recording from a HD HomeRun Prime from XBMC and it all worked fine on Mavericks. Now in the Yosemite world and also the latest XBMC now called Kodi and the new MythTV 0.27. Here are the steps: Yosemite upgrade […]

Silverstone SG-10B and Noctua and Scythe clearance issues

Well, built the second of four Haswell towers based on the SG-10B mini-tower using the ASRock Z97m OC Formula with the Noctua NH-L12 and the Scythe Rev B: Scythe Rev B. This is a low profile fan unit. The main problem is there is no clearance possible with the heat sinks on the regulator. Also […]

Noctua NH-L12 vs Intel stock cooler is you quiet or overclocking

Why would you pay an extra $50 for a cooler rather than use the stock one that Intel gives you for free? Well the answer is pretty simply put by Tom’s Hardware. The short answer is if you are not overclocking, then the Intel fan makes lots of sense Great cooling for overclocking It might […]

Real life debugging with ASRock Z97m OC Formula and ASRock H97i

OK, somehow we are buying mainly ASRock boards these days, some hard won tips, tricks and traps: ASRock H97i This is a nice non-overclockable board for about $100. We are using it for our basic machines. The main things to note are: The m.2 slot is on the back and isn’t well documented. There is […]

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