Month: December 2014


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Got a great kit from makesmith as part of my Kickstarter addiction. It’s a do it yourself CNC machine. You just need a dremel and it can cut nearly any soft material. But you need to supply your own Dremel. Popular Mechanics has a good review of what is technically called a rotary tool: Dremel…

Gaming Laptops

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If you need a really fast laptop for gaming or for video development, that is probably the most exciting field today. Here are some thoughts. The main one being that we are at the turn for notebooks with both the new nVidia Maxwell (GTX 980/970) class graphics processors and the arrival of NVMe and really…

ZFS on Ubuntu

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Well, we finally got our file server running and with three SAS drives to practice with, it’s time to learn how to use ZFS. For convenience we are using Ubuntu and there are some handy instructions for installing it on Trusty Tahr (14.04) annotated with notes from The instructions are pretty easy for installation:…