Strangeness with Git and Dropbox

Well having the two operate together leaves to some strange conflicts as you might expect. Also I got this strange message having to do with an Icon file which has a carriage return in it. That is a Ctrl-M that really confused Git. But explains that Apple or Dropbox throws an icon file in which git […]

United reduces miles awarded drastically

OK, United just announced that you no longer get “miles” in Mileage Plus, instead you get points based on your ticket price, ticket class and level. So according to if you are buying a full fare ticket (I would guess), if you are Premier 1K, you get 11x your purchase price. I would presume there would […]

Hertz and United Mileage analysis tilts toward United

I haven’t spent much time optimizing car rentals and rewards because they haven’t seemed that interesting. But now Hertz and United are doing triple points so it is good to understand. In the old world, 75 United points weren’t super interesting (at 1.8 cents/point). But the latest promotion is 1,250 points per rental plus 50 […]

Mac Excel power user shortcuts

Well week 3 of intensive Mac Excel hacking, so learning lots of new handy shortcuts. The mouse is slow when you are doing a lot of Exceling: CMD-T Paste Format CMD-V Paste Value CMD-F Paste Formula FN-F9 Evaluate the highlighted part of a formula (great for debugging)   Then for formatting: CTRL-I Insert rows CTRL-(dash) […]

Apple Mail weirdness

OK, I’ve been battling this for a while and haven’t seen many posts on it, but here is what has happened and the best explanation seems to be a combination of iCloud sharing issues and this new “automatically maintain settings” in Apple Mail Mail interacts strangely with iCloud Keychain and Internet Accounts. Zombie accounts I’ve […]

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