Well week 3 of intensive Mac Excel hacking, so learning lots of new handy shortcuts.
The mouse is slow when you are doing a lot of Exceling:
CMD-T Paste Format
CMD-V Paste Value
CMD-F Paste Formula
FN-F9 Evaluate the highlighted part of a formula (great for debugging)
Then for formatting:
CTRL-I Insert rows
CTRL-(dash) Delete rows
For hiding:
CTRL-0 Hide column
CTRL-9 Hide rows
CTRL-SHIFT-0 Unhide column
CTRL-SHIFT-9 Unhide row
F4 Toggle from relative to absolute cell reference
CMD-SHIFT-T Autosum selected cells
The borders:
CMD-OPT-0 Border the selected cells
CMD-OPT-{Left, Up, Down, Right Arrows} Border on the left, up, dorwn and right
CMD-OPT-_ Remove all borders
Then for formatting:
CTRL-SHIFT-~ General format
CTRL-SHIFT-$ Currency
CTRL-SHIFT-% Percentages
CTRL-SHIFT-# Date format
CTRL-SHIFT-! Number format
F4 REapply the last format
CMD-M Add an indent in the cell
CMD-SHIFT-M Remove indent
CMD-E Align center
CMD-L Align left
CMD-R Align right
Fill down
CTRL-D Fill down
CTRL-R Fill right
CTRL-SHIFT-” Fill from above
SHIFT-{Right, left, up, down}  Arrow Extend right, left, up, down

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