Building docker containers

Well after you read the tutorial on docker, you find that there are least 1M ways that people build docker images. In trolling through the and, here are the best practices: Believe in micro services. If you are putting more than one major function into a container, you probably want two of them. […]

Building Machine Learning Machines

Well if you somehow can’t afford the $128K Pascal server that nVidia just announced (I can’t imagine why), what should someone do if they want to do some machine learning? Well, unfortunately, there are no cheap good alternatives right now as we are in the middle of the Maxwell to Pascal transition with nVidia and […]

Corrupted JPEGs

Well if you have a corrupted JPEG, how do you get it back? points out that Adobe Photoshop has a built in recovery application. So if you have something that doesn’t open in Mac Preview, try to load it in Adobe Photoshop. I tried this and although the image as distorted (it was shifted […]

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