Month: July 2016

Bluetooth add on for cars

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If you have a car and want all the modern amenities like bluetooth connection, here are your options: Really old car without auxiliary jack but with tape player. We just sold our car that was literally 20 years old. The only options seems to be either a bluetooth to FM transceiver or to a tape…

Making voLTE and Wifi Calling work with Verizon and your iPhone

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For whatever reason, this requires quite a few manual steps, but here’s why you want each because Verizon brands this HD Voice and you have to enable it on the Verizon site and then in the iPhone 6 or higher itself: voLTE. This brilliant acronym (voice over LTE) let’s you use voice and data on…

Small Business Routers

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OK, if you are frustrated by the speed and more importantly reliability of that $20/month router you got from Xfinity, then there are really two ways to upgrade: Move to a serious consumer router. I have found that many routers will crash when they have lots of traffic. This happens in a small office with…

Updates on Digital Photo Workflow

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OK, so here are the version bumps for the products I’m using now: DxO OpticsPro Version 11. This bucks the trend where everyone uses Lightroom, but maybe I’m just  a contrarian and like to support small French developers. This is the first step for me and it does automatic distortion and vignette correction. The new…

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