Storing high resolution photos backup on Amazon, share on iCloud

Well Facebook sharing is cool but limited in resolution. What if you want to share the high resolution images? TL;dr Amazon Prime now offers unlimited high resolution storage for five family members. It’s sort of free if ur amazon anyway  Two sort of good choices: Apple iCloud (for low resolution only but essentially unlimited) and […]

Black Friday is all about 70 inch TVs and 40 inch monitors!

Well the price of UHD (aka 4K) has just collapsed. Three years ago a 4K monitor cost $5K now a basic one is more like $500. But if you want a monstrous 70″ one what’s a person to do. is really helpful with detailed reviews and buying guides. They even tell you the best […]

MacOS Sierra and Adobe Creative Cloud

OK this is a little annoying, but the standalone (perpetual license) versions of Adobe Create Cloud like Photoshop etc. do not install properly on MacOS Sierra, you have to manually navigate to the Installer/Contents/MacOS/install and run the command line application manually. This seems true for Creative Cloud 2015 and 2014.

Decoder ring… one connector to rule them all USB/C

Well with Apple making a huge statement by moving to a single connector for everything, it’s time to look back and figure out how we got here. So here in chronological order is a short incomplete history of computer cabling and some explanation for how we got here. TL;dr The future is that all peripherals, […]

Restarting Amazon Affiliate links

OK for the last year I’ve been terrible at Amazon affiliate links. First I missed the deadline to update my website information (there is some regulation about sites) so my old affiliate ids (tongfamily-20) were invalidated and I have to start again with new ids. But how to change 20 years of links? Well, at […]

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