OK for the last year I’ve been terrible at Amazon affiliate links. First I missed the deadline to update my website information (there is some regulation about sites) so my old affiliate ids (tongfamily-20) were invalidated and I have to start again with new ids.
But how to change 20 years of links? Well, at first I thought I would just search for all links amazon and change, but it turns out there are WordPress add-ons that help. So off to find:

  • Amazon Link. This basically gives you a new markup so you can add `[amazon asin=somenumber&text=sometext]` but it does require that you change everything but is useful for new links because it will generate at runtime which is probably want you want
  • Amazon Affiliate Tag (aka Amazonify). This is smarter and works across your whole site to do a one time change of affiliate links. You just tell it the link and then you can set nofollow so search engines do not continue on to your links. You can also set it to target=_blank so that Amazon links open up in separate tabs and your website stays around.

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