Month: March 2017

Using Windows Keyboard with a Mac

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If you like your spiffy new mechanical keyboard but want to use it on a Mac, you need to map the Command key and Option key around because on a Mac, it goes Control, Alt or Option and then Command whereas on a Windows keyboard it is Control, Windows-Key and then Alt. This is really…

Google Shared Folders to your desktop

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Google Drive has some pretty hard to understand semantics when it comes to sharing folders and files. When a file or folder is shared with you, they are not synced to your desktop, they live in a special place called ‘Shared With Me’ So they do not take any of your disk quota (much better…

Annoying things about IMAP and MacOS and iOS

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Well somehow things just keeping getting more annoying, but here are the gotchas if you have your own generic IMAP account: MacOS seems to get confused about the default account. And you get this strange, cannot move message to (null)┬ámessage. What this means is that you need to go to Mail/Preferences/Accounts and look into your…

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