Day: July 20, 2017

Unifi AP AC square reboot themselves

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We’ve had really great luck with Unifi and the access points are cheap and easy to manage. Now that there are mesh systems, perhaps this will change (the Eero is supposed to be great), but for the price, nothing is as good. However, as we added more users and intensity, suddenly the “square” Unifi AP…

The hunt for a X299 or X399 successor to ASUS X99-WS

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We’ve had good luck with the Haswell-E Xeon 1650 v3 with the ASUS X99-WS motherboard. We get a full 16 lanes of PCIe to four slots and it is very fast. Plus it has ECC for all the memory we have added. These have been great for machine learning, for computer simulation of cars and…

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