Rich’s Fine First Podcast

Well this site started in 1996 and it was pretty new then, but everyone seems to be doing a podcast and it has sure gotten easier. Just go buy some

The Workstation PC

Well, what if you want to build the ultimate do-it-yourself machine. In the business, there is the desktop and then HEDT (High-end desktop). I’ve built a few and they are

Travel Gifts

If you have a pilot friend then during xmas Xmas, then folks at The Point Guy so if you want to get them something amazing. The two coolest things are

iCloud Photo Sharing Tips and Tricks

Most of our family uses iPhones, so photo sharing is much easier with the iCloud Photo Sharing feature, there are just a couple of gotchas you need to know about:

Car Relay Theft

Someone brought this up and it got me curious, with these passive entry systems, it is super convenient to walk up to a Tesla with your phone in your pocket

Dream Gaming PC for the Holidays

Ok if you are unlucky like me and your monster PC of the last six years literally blew up (ok the actual fish tank it was in cracked but that

Winter Tires for a Tesla Model 3 Performance

Well, this is a bit of a pain because the Model 3 Performance has really big brake calipers so that you can’t fit the aero wheel 18″ that comes with

What font did Tesla use yesterday at the cybertruck launch? – identifythisfont

What font did Tesla use yesterday? Think what you like about the event, I thought the font is just cool. It costs something but really cool It’s called BB Strata

Best Mac Antivirus as of Fall 2019

Well the title for the best free anti-virus seems to shift between Avast and Sophos, depending on the day. But for me, having Avast available via Homebrew tips the scale

Sony A7R III digital photography workflow for fall 2019

OK, I seem to update this everytime I use the camera, but this should also apply to the A7R IV, although I don’t quite have one. Here are the recommendations