Android Studio Flutter keyboard tips and tricks

I’m learning how to write Dart using Flutter and that’s a whole new tool set of me. It works like React but is much better with nicer debugging tools and way nicer than trying to figure out what Webpack did wrong. The tutorial at Udacity is semi-decent and free. The main issue is that they […]

Synchronizing files rsync vs. Goodsync vs manual

I do have to keep some files in sync. The biggest problems are my personal photos. I do keep a copy in iCloud Photos, which remarkably is dealing with 54K photos and 2K videos decently well (except for Mac Photos which seems to hang alot and not sync, but that’s another post). But for backups, […]

Winter Update on Gatorz and Julbo Photochromaticc Sunglasses

Well I had an update this fall and got some incredible Julbo Aero Zebra Light sunglasses. Decoding all of that, this means a sun glass that goes from light tint to pretty dark automatically. It uses a chemical that is light sensitive. Those were $105 on close out so pretty hard to beat, so here […]

MacOS Catalina error cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

OK, Apple has finally tightened up the requirements for running executables and Applications on the Mac. You now need every application to be signed and the components too. This has gotten complicated and you will get messages like this. The solution is pretty unintuitive. When you get the dialog, it actually asks you to throw […]

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