Seeing hidden or dotfiles in MacOS Finder and iTerm Copy Mode

OK, this has always annoyed me, MacOS to be safe for ordinary people doesn’t by default does not let you look at so called dotfiles (like .bashrc) or hidden system files in Finder. This is usually fine, but there are some times when you need it. For instance if you want to drag and drop […]

Git submodules and recreate repos with submodules and bad symlinks

OK, I had this problem with my personal repo where I had copied a bunch of courses that meant I was dragging around a lot of git lfs content. The solution was to recreate the repo as a new “richtong” repo, but this meant that all the organizations where I’m working needed major surgery to […]

The Strangeness that is Google Workspace Email Aliases (aka Google Groups)

OK, I have to say the strangest thing about Google Workspace (nee GSuite) is that they don’t have email aliases. Instead, the idea of a BBS (bulletin board system from the 1980s) is mashed up with a Newsletter and then get contorted into an internal email alias. Well, the need is pretty simple (but hard […]

OBS Open Broadcast System, Slack and Google Slides tips and tricks

OK, now that I’ve been using it for a bit here are some simple tips and tricks for OBS When you first install it. To get the virtual camera working you need to reboot the machine. Thanks @mcqueen for discovering that one! If you have a font you like, you can use WhatTheFont to figure […]

Docker on Apple M1 breaks on Jupyter Notebooks for AMD64/Intel so switch to Podman

Well with the licensing change that Docker is making everyone seems to be looking for an alternative, but this got real when @alex realized that the Docker Desktop for the Mac does not work with Jupyter Notebooks running on AMD64 that is 64-bit Intel at all after v4.0 and they won’t fix it. It seems […]

Now this is a real upgrade Neewer Studio Lights and OBS for a Home Zoom setup

Well, it is going to be another long dark winter of doing Zooms, so what are the best things for lighting. We have one setup that works well for podcasting with a single key light and a good Logitech BRIO camera plus a nice microphone (which are now down to $150 from their $199 list […]

MagSafe 3, Magnetic Micro USB and MacBook Pro 2021 Accessories

Now that Apple has brought back the MagSafe 3 connector for the MacBook Pro 2021, it made me realize how much I miss this connector for two important reasons so off to look for magnetic connectors that fit USB C or Micro USB physical connectors. These connectors can be two pin so charging only, five […]

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