Using the Obins Anne Pro 2 to get Arrow Keys and work with a Mac

Well, I discarded the keyboard as not usable because it doesn’t have arrow keys like the wired 60% keyboard and it didn’t have arrow keys like the dedicated keys on the Keychron V2. But, it turns out I was wrong about this and didn’t understand how it works. Net, net, while inconvenient as a daily […]

Homekit Tip: Reordering and broken Motion alerts

OK, I think that this Homekit stuff is pretty deep and much of this doesn’t have a guide, but three quick things: Homebridge insights are that this thing actually works really well. It’s a simple node application and using a $50 Raspberry Pi is really the right approach from a simplicity and isolation point of […]

The nightmare of Zoom Waiting for Host

OK, I confess, in our organizations, we typically have a single organization zoom account since there are not enough meetings to justify everyone having a paid account. This leads to all kinds of issues because of different defaults, but the short note is that you want Zoom meetings security to be set to the passcode […]

RainMachine automatic sprinkler one week later

OK, this thing actually works pretty well, here are some notes: Wow, it is way more dynamic than fixed watering so as the temperature shift here (Seattle is pretty unprecedented, in the old days, getting into the 80s was warm, but it’s been 109F and next week it will be 94F), but basically, it takes […]

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