RainMachine automatic sprinkler one week later

OK, this thing actually works pretty well, here are some notes:

  1. Wow, it is way more dynamic than fixed watering so as the temperature shift here (Seattle is pretty unprecedented, in the old days, getting into the 80s was warm, but it’s been 109F and next week it will be 94F), but basically, it takes weather forecast data and changes the amount of watering from 100% up to 200% for very hot days and for a cool day like today, it is more like 77%
  2. The web application and the iOS application work really well, you can see how much watering and intervals.

Homekit reinstallation and it works!

I was tearing my hair out figuring out how to make the Homekit installation work. The way it works is that on the RainMachine device itself, you go to Settings/System/iOT/Homekit and then you get a QR code and add it, but the adding went into the ether.

I was trying to figure out how to repair it on the iOS and on the Web UI, but a quick note to the support folks show I was completely barking up the wrong tree and you have to go back to the device (who does that?!) that should then hit the Repair, and it glitchd once, but then worked.

So now, we you can start any zone you want with Siri or in the Apple Home application. Pretty cool1

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