Canva Presentation Tips

Well, I’ve been experimenting with using Canva for presentations. It has a really great integrated library of elements and integrates animations way better than Google Slides. But here are some tips: At least on Safari, Canva is a super pig. It can hang entire system spinning. However, the dedicated MacOS application you can get with […]

OK, this is more nerdy, but there are some not so used commands that are super useful all named g for Global or g for Go.

The :g command and it’s reverse :v This Global command is quicker than the typical :s/old/new/g instead the syntax is [range]g/pattern/cmd which is way more general. For for instance, if you wanted deleted all the lines with with world “hello” in it, you type :g/hello/d And there is reVerse version so, :v/hello/d means delete all […]

Vim macros and register that I always forget

So I keep forgetting how useful macros (and registers are) or repetitive things. Basically, Vi has 10 numeric registers and then alphabetic registers. If you want to see them then type :registers and you can see what is stored there. There are two ways to use them. The first is to stick thinks into a […]

Finding a non-conglomerate audio/video maker

In the same way that there is essentially just one mechanical watchmaker, one sunglasse maker and one optical company, there is an incredible concentration in the home theater maker. Like skis and other passion projects the key is to find an independent group that cares about the product. And not a gigantic conglomerate looking for […]

Tearing my hair out trying to get Gogoinflight working on T-mobile on iOS 14 and above

Argh this is so complicated and the problem is so silly. So one of our phones is working and the other wasn’t. The short answer is so silly: The checklist What was happening is that I would go to the site but there are a host of requirements to make this work: Enable wifi calling. […]

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