Canva Presentation Tips

Well, I’ve been experimenting with using Canva for presentations. It has a really great integrated library of elements and integrates animations way better than Google Slides. But here are some tips:

  1. At least on Safari, Canva is a super pig. It can hang entire system spinning. However, the dedicated MacOS application you can get with brew install canva is much faster. It seems to be a web browser port, but somehow the overhead is much less.
  2. I can’t figure out how to connect Canva to my Google Drive, it gives this obscure message which is Cannot connect google account XYZ is already used in Canva account !@#$%2 literally it doesn’t give you an account name, but some sort of random GUID. So somehow it is limited to a single Google Account tied to *any* Canva account so sort of useless. But the export to PowerPoint does work fine. There is muttering about removing the access on the Canva account page, but I can’t find any connect applications at all.
  3. Finally, Canva has a hard 100 slide limit for presentations. I’m not sure why, but when you are moving and pasting, it is pretty inconvenient.
  4. And, it really doesn’t have any charting packages. So I’m not quite sure it fits into the workflow quite yet, but there is a bunch of promise if they can fix the speed issues and also the hard limit.

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