Should you get AppleCare+ for Macs, iPhones, Apple Watch, AirPods and the lust for an Airpods Max and the Apple MagSafe Duo is nice!

Ok this is going to be highly subjective, but some opinions: MacBook Pro M1 Pro and Max. These things costs $3-4K and the AppleCare+ is $300 or so for three years. It will be four years if you use an Amex or other card with extended warranty. Personally I’ve found that about half of our […]

Getting the most out of your Sony KD43X85J and HDR decoder and tv optimization ring

OK, given how hard it is to get all the trimmings on a LG C9 was super hard, what about a new 2021 43″ Sony LED television which makes a nice “smaller” monitor. To summarize, here are the things you want to change: Overscan. This is an annoying default, but in old analog TVs, the […]

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