Using Google Chrome for offline Google Docs and in the dark effectively instead of Vivaldi and iPadOS 3, 4 and even 5 finger gestures

I normally do not use Google Chrome or because it is so invasive, so I use which has search results without tracking, and Vivaldi which is the open-source Chromium with some extras. However, I’ve found today that I have to use Google Chrome for one specific use case. The problem is that […]

Google Docs and Word Document Section Breaks Fn-Del and Ctrl-D is your friend

Ok, want to get super obscure, I just converted a Word document into a Google Doc. This normally works super well, but it was driving me crazy that sometimes I would see a page break and I couldn’t delete it. And when trying to type it would have really strange behavior, I couldn’t for instance […]

The Crazy Ball of Wax that is NeoVim Plugins from Github Co-pilot to Lint

Well, I’ve been using vim for a long time and it has taken forever to get something that is stable and really fast. I know most folks should probably move to VSCodium (the non tracker version of VSCode), but if you are really married to two things: Incredible speed and there is nothing like a […]

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