Google Docs and Word Document Section Breaks Fn-Del and Ctrl-D is your friend

Ok, want to get super obscure, I just converted a Word document into a Google Doc. This normally works super well, but it was driving me crazy that sometimes I would see a page break and I couldn’t delete it. And when trying to type it would have really strange behavior, I couldn’t for instance just backspace over the break.

Well it turns out this is one of the oddities of like, Google Docs treats a section break very differently than Word does. What you have to do is turn on View Section Break.

Then the real pecularity is that you can just delete over it and there is no Remove Section Break command (I think that is what Word has). Instead, what you have to do is go the line before the section break and do a forward delete.

Now I’ve never ever had to do this before, but on a Mac to do a forward delete, you do this with the Function FN key and then press Del. On an iPad, it is a little different the Function key is actually the Globe key and this is for emojis, so instead you try Ctrl-D as another way to do this. Ctrl-D also works on MacOS as well.

Getting the Cheat Sheet of options

As another silly aside, the way that special keys like this is quite different on the MacOS and iPadOS with the Magic keyboard:

  1. if you load Cheat Sheet on your Mac, then holding the Command or will give all the available command keys. But holding the Command key on iPadOS gives you a sort of equivalent, oyou can see various special keys including what Globe-E does
  2. To type an Emoji, this is then Globe-E or long pressing the Globe key on the iPadOs, but it is Ctrl-Command-Space on MacOS gives you the way will get you to the Character Viewer to type an Emoji.

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