Hike: fixing a gossamer gear trekking pole with a screw extractor

Huge thanks to @matthew for this tip. But someone who shall remain nameless accidentally stepped on their gossamer gear trekking pole and the bottom third snapped leaving part of it inside the telescoping system. This thing has a friction fit joint. And while Gossamer gear has an awesome repair site to get the lower piece […]

phone: US Mobile and the mysteries of eSIMs on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones

Wow, this was really hard. The basic problem was I think the directions have changed quite a bit, but the main trick or problem is that with Android 12, you actually need to put a physical SIM into it to “trick” it into giving you an esim (aka SIM2), so the steps are: You need […]

mac: The strangeness that is M1 Mac Bluetooth

Ok, here is a very mysterious problem for you, with an M1 MacBook Pro, I suddenly could not connect my Bluetooth keyboards. For full context, I use three different (yikes!) mechanical keyboards with Bluetooth depending on my mood. Two are AnnePro2 with Gateron Blue and Kailh Box White switches and then I have a Keychron […]

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