phone: US Mobile and the mysteries of eSIMs on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones

Wow, this was really hard. The basic problem was I think the directions have changed quite a bit, but the main trick or problem is that with Android 12, you actually need to put a physical SIM into it to “trick” it into giving you an esim (aka SIM2), so the steps are:

  1. You need to find a nano sim. The real trick here is that the Google Pixel 6 phones do *not* use their eSIM unless they already have a Sim inside them. So open your phone and find a spare Sim does not have to be activated, it just has to be there.
  2. Now when you go to Settings > Network & Internet and choose to Add a Network and then pick the Other network. The trick here is if you abandon this installation, a new eSim called SIM2 is added.
  3. So now go to Settings > About and go to the Sim section or go to the phone application and type *#06# to get the SIM2.
  4. Now to the US Mobile site and choose eSim activation, then it will ask you for the SIM2 number and type it in.
  5. This should validate and then you should pick your plan. We use a data pooled plan so for $9/month you get unlimited talk and text and then share a single data pool.
  6. Finally, you get a QR code, go back to the Settings > Network & Internet and you will the Add a Network has changed to SIMS and choose the + and then Other Network and then you will scan the QR code that is there. So yes this means that you have to have a separate device to do this.
  7. The phone will then ask to set up USM. It took me a while to realized this meant US Mobile and you are done!
  8. Remove the first SIM and it should all work.

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