mac: Network Service Order, Drobo, and Stats

Now why would you ever want to do this, well, in my case, I have a Thunderbolt doc so can get to the LAN at 1Gbps (and someday 2.5Gbps if I ever get the time to add a 2.5Gbps switch and upgrade my NAS to 2.5Gbps from the current 2x 1Gbps, all this is planned). […]

travel: Hell and leave enough layover time and avoid digital keys

OK, I haven’t had such a terrible travel experience in 10 years, but some notes (for those of you who want to avoid the disastrous trip we just went through): Connections have at least a day layover (especially NYC, Chicago) Don’t, just don’t. But if you have to then if you are transiting a tough […]

home: Apple Gizmo, Gadgets and Accessories Review

I finally got six weeks worth of Amazon orders and gadgets, and here is a review of the various components: Here are the ones I haven’t tried but will review shortly, but here are some automotive and things: The accessories for the Zoom Studio I’ve been building: Then there are Apple Home devices which are […]

web: Got $5 from browsing with Brave Rewards

Well, it took six months to figure out how to do it, but Brave has this feature where they throw up ads and then pay you in their own coin and it is complicated to get this running and to get the money out. Here are the steps: So if you are still using

home: via Homebridge guide and NordVPN

To make work via Homebridge to Apple Home is a little bit complicated. The main issue is that even when you install the Homebridge Plugin for, you also have to find the 2 Factor Authentication cookie and put that into the user interface. The way to do this is pretty obscure, nearly as […]

apple: International iPhone e-sim for travel

Well, there was a time when international roaming was a real hassle. You had to find a store (typically at the airport, then get a new sim, you had to bring a separate phone to make this all run). The move to eSims: From iPhone X to iPhone 14 iPhone lets you use two SIMs […]

TV: Flat panel choices for 2023

Well, the 2023 models are out and supply chains have normalized so Bob asked us about what flat panel to buy. The main thing is that the 4K HDR television market has really stabilized and prices are pretty reasonable but if you want super high quality here are some choices The best three TVs seem […]

Tech: xFi Gateway hang don’t quit setup and return

Ok, so against my better judgement I decided to save $5/month and get xFi Complete. You basically use the xfinity cable gateway (a combo cable modem, WiFi access point and switch) because it comes bundled with the $30/month unlimited data. What a mistake! The box arrived and it plugged it in. First of all it […]

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