masto: Understanding and managing Mastodon with multiple accounts and Mac Sengi

OK, there are many guides on the Fediverse, but celebrating the three-week anniversary of joining, I was talking with Paul and realized that I probably should write down the highly opinionated way that I’m trying to use it and also explain the basic architecture. It is constantly discussed as open Twitter, but it actually works […]

mac: Using USB Drive for git, HDHomeRun weather dependencies, OCLP fails, Backblaze bloat, git lfs pointers but not, Apple Photos sync fail, Synology USB Copy fail

OK, the weekly screwing around with your Mac updates. Here are some of the interesting things I’ve learned… Use APFS and GUID for USB Drives One of my Macs only has a 256GB SSD. That sounds like a lot, but I regularly run out of space and have when I’m home a RAID1 16TB array […]

read: Great Podcasts and books from 2022

Well, 2022 was another “duck and cover” year and we spent a lot of time listening to Audible, Overdrive, Apple Podcast, and to a lesser extent Kindle books. It was a year of great book clubs (thank you Creative Destruction Labs) and even better curation as I was pretty aggressive about culling podcasts that I […]

mac: Keyboard shortcuts and navigation with Rectangle

Ok, time once again for figuring out how to be productive to the max on the Mac, so first asking ChatCPT3, so straight from the collective mouth of the Internet and then culling to the most useful ones, but the ones that I use most often are ⌘-⌥- left and right arrow will move applications […]

photo: Open Source Camera Tools Darktable, RawTherapee and moving to AVIF

OK, I saw a post on Mastodon about open-source tools for photo and video editing and it reminded me that I’ve been using DxO PhotoLab for more than 10 years and it is time to see if the open-source tools have caught up. I generally liked DxO over Lightroom because their defaults seem closer to […]

home: Broke HDHomeRun, Strange @ behavior with iMessages, Backblaze, and Homebrew

Ok, this has to be in the department of infrastructure breaks too much, but I never log in to my MacBook Pro 2017 that I use for backups, and to review here is how I handle backups right now based on the 2022 strategy which has been working pretty well, but it’s a six-layered backup […]

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