Health: getting enough sleep

Health: getting enough sleep

I just listened to Why We Sleep. I don’t know how scientific it is, but it sure scared me. With an Apple Watch if you set the sleep time properly by setting your sleep time in the Clock, not knob do you get a notification to sleep as well as a wake up alarm, but if you wear your watch and set it into sleep mode, the watch will try to track your sleep, REM and deep sleep time.

I don’t know how accurate this all is but you can then look at trends. It was depressing to discover that 6:15 hours worth of sleep when the target is 8! Argh. and some weeks life like 5 hours!!!

The steps to help a cycling down, less blue light and dimness etc. It helps to live in a place that’s dark at 1630 and light at 0730 🙂

So after some dedicated work to sleep now at least it’s 6:30. So not much improvement. But the main difference is fewer really short weeks.

The main things to remember are you have to set that sleep schedule and also that even if you set a sleep focus that doesn’t count.

Finding sleep stats

If you are trying to find all this it’s pretty hidden there is no sleep app. Instead you have to create a sleep schedule in Clock and then Add sleep and wake up.

Then look at it in Health > Browse > Sleep

Counting naps

One thing is that the system doesn’t actually count naps. So the hack here is to use in manual mode Sleep++ which you should kit set to automatic but as long as you wear your watch. You can choose add and the time and add your nap. This makes me feel a bit better to capture those very restful things. So I’ll try to at least get a nap after a bad night of sleep 🙂

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