Food: French press coffee needs 28 grams for 16 ounces

There are so many different variants of French press instructions but 28 grams for 16 ounces is nice and rich and there are some that are half that. Half that is way to yucky I think. And make sure the press is warm and the water is 200F and not at boiling.

PT6. AI Geeks and Happy Birthday France

Happy Birthday France! And a quick catchup on podcasting, the audio level seems better, there is less “breathing” but there is some clipping of the sound, so not all the way tuned. I also hear clicking as it comes in and out, this could be related to the Shure microphone to the Sony camera to […]

pod: Final Cut Pro needs time to make optimized media for the Apple Compressor to avoid RequestCVPixelBuffer failures

OK, I figured out that you can’t use the very fast Apple Compressor unless you don’t have the proxy and do have the optimized (eg ProRes 422) files, but what I didn’t realize is that if you import some clips and do a quick edit and then try to run Compressor it will fail with […]

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