PT6. AI Geeks and Happy Birthday France

high angle photo of robot

PT6. AI Geeks and Happy Birthday France

Happy Birthday France! And a quick catchup on podcasting, the audio level seems better, there is less "breathing" but there is some clipping of the sound, so not all the way tuned. I also hear clicking as it comes in and out, this could be related to the Shure microphone to the Sony camera to the Elgato S60+ but I'm not sure about where that is, but the video looks pretty good and 4K HDR works:

Some of the liner notes are:

  1. Stats. This is a great tool for figuring out what is going on.
  2. OBS Audio Filter. This is actually complicated, but you need a gain stage, 3-band equalization, a compressor, an expander, and a limiter. It is not perfect because there is clicking in the audio, and I'm not sure why. So that's the big outstanding issue.
  3. Publishing to Podcaster on Spotify. The only new thing in the chain is that the Compressor creates an M4V container format and Spotify just wants that renamed to MP4, so I need to figure out how to tell the compressor that but it's a simple rename. And YouTube Studio needs M4V, so its a little confusing, but you don't have to understand just copy and rename 🙂
  4. Elgato S60+. This is the HDMI 4Kp60 output and this works well.
  5. Expose to The Right. Totally nerdy, but the right way to expose if you are going to post-process an image, you basically turn up the exposure compensation so that you don't have anything too dark. The biggest problem for nerds is that what you see in the histogram in your camera is actually from a low dynamic range JPEG, so you really don't know what the RAW output really is. And in fact many times, you have to underexpose because some cameras overexpose the RAWs, so it is pretty complicated. The best solution is to use a 16-bit RAW and bracket if you have the problem rather than ETTR with a single image.
  6. Flatten NLP interface for deep graphical interface menus. I can't find a great link for this, but the whole idea of deep menus seems like it will get solved with NLP interfaces

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