wp: Outstanding WordPress bugs with redis, Disqus, and JetPack

Well things are working pretty well, here are my outstanding bugs:

  1. JetPack does not connect. I’m not sure why. I’ve tried the diagnostic of disconnect and reconnect and it looks good from the WordPress side, this is not that big a deal, I just created it with the web application. The main loss here is that I can’t easily do mobile updates anymore, but I rarely do that. It’s kind of sad the only fix is to disconnect and reconnect. There is a JetPack debug website that I’m trying now to figure out, but it has the helpful, “Unknown error just occurred”.
  2. Disqus comments are not working. OK, I noticed another thing which is my comments went away. I moved to Disqus a year or so ago as it had better moderation, but it looks like the Friends and the WPCache plugin are causing problems. Again there are no fixes listed, so I just switched back to base comments. I don’t get any comments anymore anyway, so that’s a small problem.
  3. Redis intermittent is not available. Every 4-6 hours downtime has gone away, but every so often, I get the object cache is not available. Not sure how to debug this one.

Of these, the Redis one is the most concerning, if it keeps happening, it looks like it is PHP log time.

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