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There are not many of these actually, I can only find four of them. Of these, the most reasonable seems to be the AirVersa Humidor. I like the look of the SmartMi Rainforest, but it’s hard to justify paying $300 for a humidifier no matter how beautiful. They don’t seem to be on Amazon, but you can get it at Walmart I haven’t had a great experience with Vocalinc (I had to disable and get rid of all of the smart plugs and I don’t see much about them since 2020).

So right now you can get the AirVersa for $95 at Amazon and it says it is also Threads enabled. Although I had trouble getting the AirVersa to work properly after updating to the latest Apple Home architecture, they were super responsive in fixing the problem and updated the application for me in literally a week, so I’ll report back.

This is also a Thread device so maybe it will be more resilient, we will see.

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