tech: Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are useful

OK, I’ve been using these glasses for a while and I’m surprised at how often I use them. The killer feature is not what you would expect, it is that since it uses bone conduction you can listen to podcasts during any boring meeting.

The biggest problem is that we can’t get WhatsApp messages through it, but it doesn’t seem to work even with a reset. So I’m not sure about what is wrong.

They are working on additional features that are somehow supposed to be in beta with the camera and that is good, it is brilliant that they didn’t try to put a screen into them or make them heavy. That being said, their battery life is short, but the battery in the glass case makes it easy to recharge.

The photo and video feature is a decent social media thing, but I found it helpful to copy slides and demos during meetings as well. It is only 1080p, but even though a small sensor, it works well in low light. The main issue is that you have no idea if you took a good picture. I found that the trick is that when you click the button on the right temple, you need to hold your head still and wait for the shutter sound to start *and end*.

Overall, it’s a nice design that I’m using regularly for meetings.

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