tech: Synology reset, LACP move to ordinary port

If you are unlucky like me and you have 2FA on and then you swap disks, suddenly you are unable to use 2FA. So the solution is to do a Mode 1 reset.

That means you find the reset at the back of the NAS and then press it for four seconds, it will beep. And then reset the user accounts and also the network.

The user account will be admin with no password, but the other trick is that a network reset will mean that if you had a link aggregation setup, the thing will disappear from your network. You need to move one of the Ethernet cables to a non-LACP port to see it again. This confused me because it looks like it is there but doesn’t respond.

Later when you get LACP running you go to Control Panel > Network and set it up. You bond two together and then you can get double the bandwidth (technically each client is limited to a single Ethernet bandwidth like 1Gbe, but the second one gets the other side, so good for more clients). 10Gbe is nice but you typically don’t have that for every client. It’s too expensive.

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