tech: Shure TWS 2 Adapter and Keychron Q1 Max interference

Ok, here is a weird one for you, I have a Shure TWS2 Bluetooth adapter which actually works great with my Moondrop VARIATIONS in-ear monitors. But when I use Bluetooth with my Keychron Q1 Max, I get stuttering and buffering issues. If I hook in the dedicated 2.4GHz wireless dongle no problem or if I connect direct.

Shure TWS2 Bluetooth Adapters

I’ve tried the Moondrop littleWHITE which a necklace-style Bluetooth and the Qudelix 5K cord to a tiny dongle thingy. The Moondrop just looks a bit weird and the Qudelix has amazing sound and incredible software that includes equalization for all headphones, but in traveling and sleeping on planes the cord is always getting tangled.

The Shure TWS 2 Bluetooth adapter costs more than most headphones at $190 (it is on sale for $180) which is why I got it, but I can see that it is super high quality. First of all, it is two separate around-the-ear-wrapped pairs, so you look like a rockstar wearing it. Second of all, it uses the MMCX connectors, so if you have 0.78mm pins you need an MMCX male to 0.78mm female adapter. Yes, there are both kinds and I first got the wrong ones. Hat tip to Amazon for making returns so easy!

They do sound great although the application is not as full featured, but the battery lasts a long time and it surprising comfortable.

Incompatibility with Keychron Bluetooth Q2 Max keyboard

Seems like there is some incompatibility here with my favorite Keychron Q2 Max. One thing about these wireless 2.4 dongles which is a pain is they don’t pair, so make sure you don’t throw out the box when you get a Keychron keyboard, it is a tiny USB B adapter.

The last thing I need a Bluetooth transmitter for the airplane

The last thing I need for long flights is a Bluetooth transmitter for the airplane so I don’t have to bring wired headphones. There are lots of these out now but I have one hiding somewhere that converts a 3.5mm or airplane 3.5mm jack into a Bluetooth 5.2 transmitter. The main issue is how to do pairing but the Twelve South one is only $36.

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