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Using a modern 4K LG C9 with an 10-year old Denon AVR-2310Ci

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Yes, I know that I always want the freshest equipment, but what if you have a Nice new LG C9 from last year and don’t want to spend $$$s for a new Audio/Video Receiver on it. Is there a way to use an older Denon that is 10 years old and still get decent sounds…

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Creating a Market Test with Instapage, Facebook, Google, Namecheap, Canva, Unsplash

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There must be hundred different tutorial on this topic and the above is a mouthful but with a bucketful of applications for a less than $500 setup you can create rapid prototypes of user demand. TL;dr Instapage is a terrific web creation site with great templates for landing pages and even whole commerce systems. It…

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Developing with Windows

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Well, the last four years, I’ve mainly been using Ubuntu and then MacOS for software development. In that time, the convergence of the two has been great. Now with tools like Homebrew, you can pretty much get the same scripts to run on Ubuntu (or most any version of Linux like Debian) that supports Bash…

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Infrastructure as Code on the way to EOC

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Well, the Everything as Code movement is a good idea. Right now, I do way much twiddling of everything from WordPress to AWS Lightsail to registering domains and it is a muddle. Five years ago, this was really hard. I ended up writing a whole series of bash scripts just to get a bunch of…

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IoT continues exponentially

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It is incredible how much the world has progressed in price/performance over the last four years. The Raspberry Pi B we first used had two cores, 256MB of memory and a bus limited to 100Mbps and used SD cards. Now for $75 you can get a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of main memory, built…

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Hue Zigbee light too far away from hub, use Wifi or hope for Thread

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Well this is a frustrating problem. If you are trying to use Hue, then you will find that it needs to have a light bulb pretty close to it. That is because it using mesh networking over 2.4GHz with Zigbee. The solutions are pretty uninspiring. Basically, you need to put another bulb between the hub…

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Switching from WordPress to Hugo and JAMstacks

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More election distraction… Well, I’ve been, for over 15 years WordPress and it’s probably time to leave the family. A Brief history of Originally, started in 1996 with FrontPage Extensions. Then in 2003, I finally had some time and switched to Ben and Mina Tratt and their Movable Type in 2003 blogging platform…

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Beware: There Are 3 Versions of Each iPhone 11 and 12 | PCMag

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For iPhone 12s and 11s, they come in three different models each, designed for different countries. It’s important to get the right one for you. There are too many bands in the world so they will all roam but coverage will be different. Basically, the US model has a CDMA modem for rural AT&T and…

OMG Heart swells with pride, Grace choreographs a Tod’s Shoes commercial

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Well, what a cool thing, even in pandemic/election times, Grace choreographs and performs in a commercial that is tribute to New York City for Tod’s Shoes. Got to love that! It’s part of their stories collection and is called “In Our Shoes” Creative Directed and Presented by Grown Goods Co Produced by Calixo Films and…

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