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What to do when Verizon fails you? T-Mobile Cellular Router or Wifi Hotspot

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Well, if you are unlucky to be stuck during this COVID-19 pandemic without wifi, life is going to be pretty hard. What happens if you are back to school and your cable appointment blown. The only real solution after you use your tethering data on your phone is to look for what is called a…

More linting is good

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Well we’ve been using mypy and other python checking for a while, but just realized that there are ton more for just about any file type: Shellcheck. this is a a great utility that finds all kinds of errors. In my best written shell script, it identified two serious bugs I didn’t realize that I…

Snapplates for Tesla

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Well, we kind of agree with Elon, the front of a Model 3 is too pretty to mar with a front license plate. Well, there are a couple of removable license plate vendors, but they require screwing something into the bottom of the fender which doesn’t sound super great. Well thanks to Ryan McCaffrey, he…

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Various Vim and Bash tricks

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OK, if you are doing some major hacking with vim as your toy IDE, here are some advanced things: Rewrapping text. There are a bunch of tricks here, the most important is to put in .vimrc the lines set tw=79 wm=2 which means wrap around line 79. If you need to rewrap then your friend…

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Spec Ops

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Everyone has guilty pleasure. Mine is a quick game of CoD. Been playing since the very first version! Truthfully I don’t like Battle Royale etc. I’ve always favored the more realistic simulations but these games are in way more fashion an The main reason is the hordes of NPCs across ten scenarios. But the good…

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Making your MacBook a home station

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Well there a few steps in this long COVID-19 isolation to make your MacBook Air a nice workstation. This has gotten much easier with the advent of USB C and televisions that works monitors, but here are all the pieces that you need: I will put on tongfamily but does your computer have usb c….

Ubiquiti Tuning Part Trois: AP Selection, Placement, Dream Machines et al

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Well, we’ve always been a sort of half Synology and half Unifi house. That is we use Unifi APs and Synology does the data storage and video cameras. It’s sort of worked well with some notable failures: I bought a Cloud Key v1 to manage the Unifi APs, but this thing keeps rebooting itself over…

Blown Line Conditioner, Blown Pre-Amp RIP

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Argh, this is definitely a first-world problem, but when you Audio Video Receiver breaks down and you are living in COVID-19 hibernation, it seems like a life crisis. We bought a nice set more than 10 years ago when Dolby 5.2 was super amazing as was HD at 1080p and the miracle of BluRay. Back…

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T-Mobile CallerID plus Amex promotions and Credit Reports

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Well as T-Mobile continues its merger with Sprint (sad that there is one less competitor, we need more for telecom :-), they are adding a few things: Scam Saver. You download this on your phone and it is supposed to block more scams we will see. Caller Id. This caused me to look at the…

Backup LG Magic Remote Compatibility

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OK, this is a confusing topic, but if you have an LG television and lose it, you can’t actually turn the TV on. I know this because I spent 30 minutes looking for a remote that was under a chair. We wanted to figure out what backup remote to buy. This is a confusing topic…

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