home: Roborock S8 available at $150 or so off

The new Roborock S8 and S8+ and now are available and there is an initial sale where the S8 which the version without a dustbin. The S8+ adds $200 to get a dustbin that you don’t have to empty every time. And the S8 Ultra is $1600 and has a mop system where you don’t […]

pod: Turning your dSLR into a Webcam with Elgato HD60 S+ and a Shure VP83F microphone

OK, thanks to Lucas, he reminded me that I’ve been using an excellent webcam, the Logitech BRIO, it does produce 4K SDR output, but it has a consumer-grade lens, so off to try to figure out how to get my old Sony A-7R Mark III (ILCE7RM3) and Sony RX-100 Mark VI both of which produce […]

sw: Zoom Background Movie Format

While there are a lot of Zoom Backgrounds, I’ve had the devil of a time figuring out what formats actually work. One thing is for sure: the default format that an iPhone produces is not valid. So with some trial and error and looking at the formats of valid files, it looks like it wants […]

rt1: Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

An interview with Devindra about the future education in the world of ChatGPT and Large Language Models. Show Notes A conversation with Devindra on the possibilities of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models for education in India and other Middle and Low-Income Countries. While these large language models today mainly work in the cloud and […]

vid: Final Cut Pro Titles, Transitions, Audio Editing, Animations and Chroma Sampling

OK, now that I can do the basics, how can you add all the details, it turns out that Final Cut Pro is really like iMovie’s big brother, so in the upper left, the object browser that has the ability to import what’s in your existing machine including Photos, Music and they have a huge […]

hw: The nightmare that is MacOS Ventura and Corsair DARK CORE RGB PRO Bluetooth pairing

OK, I have two of these mice. One is the DARK CORE RGB PRO SE, which works fine, but when I tried to pair a DARK CORE PRO (this is the version without but without built-in Qi Charging). Here is what happens which seems true for a few users this mouse is incompatible with MacOS […]

vim: copy into System clipboard with y* and text-objects selection and replacement with vim-sandwich

OK, this has been something I’ve done more and more. With the MacOS, there is pbcopy that lets you pipe in anything into the Mac clipboard, and pbpaste takes it from there, and the more clumsy xcopy or xsel where you have to add options so it’s not as short as pbcopy and pbpaste. This […]

pt5. ChatGPT and Mike Conte Special Guest (And Tech Glitches Galore)

This time, we bumble through an episode featuring the amazing Mike Conte and we talk about what’s wrong with this Podcast technically (see below), about ChatGPT, and about how you don’t want to show others the Money. Mike is as always hilarious! Ok, our exploration of Podcasting continues with tech glitches galore. First of all […]

vid: Dealing with audio recording too low in Final Cut Pro

Well, Final Cut Pro works pretty much like iMovie in dealing with segments that are recorded at too low a level. The big issue is that the maximum increase in volume is 12dB which really isn’t enough. The problem is that I was messing around with an OBS Studio volume filter and I recorded some […]

pod: OBS Studio works with VDO.Ninja as Browser Source is like a free Zoom

No really, Vdo.ninja is actually a free resource that does WebRTC which means that all the communications are peer-to-peer and encrypted which is great. More importantly, they support a full 1080p connection so it won’t work in low bandwidth systems, but it is excellent if you are doing podcasts. There are a few tricks here […]

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