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Geek Post: Git Bash Completion Mysteries and shoutouts to gx and git vimdiff magic

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Well time for the geek post of the week. A new feature, I’m labeling my really nerdy programming hacks. So don’t bother reading unless you have this exact problem. Command Completion Basics OK I admit it I’ve gotten kind of spoiled. One of the advances features of shells is what is called Tab Completion. This…

Home internet problems and should I use Two Internet Service Providers?

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Tl:dr So Paul asked me for a friend, should I get a second internet provider. Things are slow at home. Most of the time probably not. Make sure it’s not a problem inside then upgrade to the fastest you can afford do watch fir expensive data caps. Decoder ring The decoder ring for the below…

Tesla Model 3 Replacement Wiper Blades

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I can’t believe I just spent 20 minutes of my life reading about wiper blade replacements but like anything with tesla might as well learn it all. The short story is that you can get various 26″ and 19″ blades but the issue is the adapter to get them on the tesla. Some require clipping…

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Webscraping on Deepnote from Beautiful Soup to Selenium

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Well, if like me, you are trying to find a vaccine for your parents, then here is the place to look. Yes, you can click relentlessly on a website but that sure does seem like a waste of time, so while I’m doing that, the other alternative is to learn a little bit about computers…

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Podcast of GameStop, Unifi, keyboards, Sony A1 and Tesla Model S Plaid+Podcast of GameStop, Unifi, keyboards, Sony A1 and Tesla Model S Plaid

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The latest for the week ending February 6. The top 10 posts read to you! And here is an embedded player for this, or checkout, but you can search for it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, in your Tesla or other cars via TuneIn and Stitcher as well a bunch of others (see…

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Understanding Robinhood, Gamestop and what is all this about collateral and settlement

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Well, Paul asked me a very good question today, I don’t understand why Robinhood had to stop trading Gamestop GME shares. Sadly, a lot of the commentary has been pretty confusing about it, but I had a chance to study for the registered representative class about 1.5M years ago so at least I sort of…

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Nerdpack. What happens to Anaconda with ~/.local

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Ok, I don’t this is well documented and it has been causing me headaches for months, but here it is: If you are using a virtual environment, a very common one is Anaconda or miniconda. This let’s you install python packages on your machine and switch between environments. Another package like this is pipenv which…

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Distributing your Podcast from

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I started using as an easy way to publish Podcasts and have a place to host the content. It is pretty incredibly, but they do all that for free. So all you need to do is sign up for it and then get started by either uploading audio (I use GarageBand and then export)…

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What to do when your dataset is too big for Excel go to Jupiter, Python and Pandas

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Well, I’ve had two events over where Excel (or Google Sheets) is just too small and/or not maintainable, so the question is what we can do about it. For instance if you have over a million rows of data (looking at your Brian) or where there is lots of logics (looking at you There…

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Moving from Windows to Mac what’s all this about passwords

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Thanks to Dave and John, they reminded me of all the hard things that Windows users face when they first move to the Mac. Both have new M1 MacBook Air. This is a blazing fast machine but it is definitely different from Windows. So here’s a quick starter guide on how to get there quickly….