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Fotki vs. Zenphoto vs. Nextgen Gallery

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I’ve been trying to figure out for quite a while what the best photo gallery is. Started with Picasa and some of the other ones, but they don’t allow original photos to be uploaded and have size limits. Last year, found “”: which is $30 per year and allows unlimited storage and also has password…

Designing WiFi networks

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Well, you don’t need a PhD to do this well, but it sure is easy to cause problems with Wifi. “Apple”: has a good guide to the obvious pitfalls. The most important is that if you want several access points to work properly, you have to put them all on the same frequency and give…

Blocking Port 25 Prevents Sending Email

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Well, here in Dallas, this happened again, another ISP (like Rogers two months ago) is blocking port 25 it looks like and also the SSL SMTP ports too. What a pain! Others have had like “”: have had this problem around it is one of the top 10 most read “discussions”: on apple forums, so…

Audio Conferencing

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We don’t use web conferencing that much. Don’t do many sales calls and so forth, but we do have lots and lots of audio conference calls. We use “Intercall Reservationless Plus”: and the sound quality is good, but interesting to see how expensive things are and what the quality is. Here are some alternatives as…

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