Canon iP100 Tips

This isn’t super well documented, but here are the things you can do with this photo-quality portable printer:
Installing the BU-30 Bluetooth Adapter
It is an extra $30, but worth it because then there is no USB wire needed, but it comes with instructions on installation at all and this is one thing Google doesn’t lead you to. It is buried deep in the electronic manual. Amazingly, this is some sort of strange help application that has to be installed. It isn’t a PDF. But here is the excerpt on how to slide out the side panel and stick the think into a USB slot that is buried in the machine. The photos don’t print either, but here is the text of the online application

Remove the Side Panel from the side of the AC adapter connector

(1) Insert a screwdriver or something similar into the hole on the side of the printer as illustrated bellow.

(2) Unlock the end of the Side Panel by moving the screwdriver that was used in Step (1) as illustrated bellow.

Do not bend the Side Panel too far; otherwise, the Side Panel may be broken.

(3) Slide out the Side Panel as illustrated below.

Detach the Side Panel carefully not to break the Side Panel protrusion.

Attach the Bluetooth unit.

Align the head of the Bluetooth unit to the Bluetooth Unit Connector with the “Canon” logo at the front and then insert the Bluetooth unit until the line  can be seen as illustrated below.

Attach the Side Panel to the printer.

(1) Fit the five protrusions on the back of the Side Panel, and then slide the Side Panel as illustrated below.

(2) Fit the Side Panel protrusion into its corresponding hole on the printer.

Make sure that the whole Side Panel is correctly attached to the printer.

Printer paper profiles
 When you ask Photoshop to manage colors for the Canon iP100 on your Mac, you get a bunch of inscrutable profiles with three letter codes. Here’s the decoding. Make sure the photos are done in Adobe (1998) color profile by the way before you use this. So in general for great photos, you want the 3 version of each and it sounds like it should work with GL3 which is their latest glossy. Or if you can afford it their very fancy PR3, Photo Paper Pro. You should also set the thing for Relative Colormetric and Black Point compensation as well.

  • PR3, 2, 1
  • GL1, 2, 3
  • SP2/SG2
  • SP3/SG3

Here’s the decoder:

MP = Matte Photo Paper
PR = Photo Paper Pro
SP = Photo Paper Plus Glossy
GL = Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
SG = Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss

Numbers appended to the name, e.g. Canon Pro9000 PR1 or Canon Pro9000 GL3, refer to the print quality, with 1 the highest quality.
Printer Cartridges and Paper
I need to test it, but we need to print about 300 images and there is no where on the web that says how much you get a from a set of their PGI-35 and CLI-36 cartridges. You can get a value pack of two black and one color for about $33 which is a pretty good deal. And the color one is about $14. After all that searching, Amazon seemed to have the best prices.

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