Trackbacks are killing me

Learning Movable Type: Trackback Spam. Another example of how anything popular is going to get spammed. Trackbacks are now the disease for me. Instead of just shutting them off, they are at least moderated with MT-Moderate so they don’t appear, but they are still very annoying. A new one gets through every day and there […]

Security hole in MovableType

Movable Type – News – Movable Type 3.15 released Version 3.15 fixes a vulnerability in the mail sending packages for all Movable Type versions in which the user has enabled comment notifications. This vulnerability allows a malicious user to send email through the application to any number of arbitrary users. Enough said. I enabled comment […]

Textile 2 does that

Brad Choate: MT-Textile does that???. We use Textile 2.0 on this site. Still learning some of the amazing features. The float left and float right are great, but I still can’t get tables to work as well as with the first Textile. Textile(tm) drew a dark line by default, but this Textile 2 doesn’t seem […]

Podcast Software — the place to find podcasts. A good set of reviews on podcasting software. The main ones seem to be “iPodder”: and “Doppler Radio”: It also looks like there are literally hundreds of Podcasts. Most are nerdy topics like Slashdot. Perhaps the most interesting for those of us who care about music is “”: […]

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