MovableType 3.2 and StyleCatcher

Six Apart – Professional Network – Power Tools. Well, have flipped the “tongfamily”: and soon the “”: blogs over to MovableType 3.2. “Ludwig”: was right, the install is tricky, since configuration files are changing and there in compatiblities with the anti-spam stuff I use. Notably MT-Blacklist has to be manually deleted. In exchange though, styles […]

Cpanel Update Breaks MT

Six Apart – ProNet – CPanel Updates Breaking Movable Type Installations. _Just started getting these errors, Cpanel updated a database access routine that Movable Type uses._ We are still gathering information on the various configurations which have been affected at this point. Once we’ve determined all of the incompatibilities and created a patch, we’ll post […]

MT Categories

TEMPLATE TAGS. It has taken quite a bit of time, but I finally have gotten my categories right on this site. Now that I’ve resolved the mt.js problem, I resorted the categories logically. But, the big change is learning about this wonderful tag MTEntriesWithSubCategories In your category archive, you replace the MTEntries container that gives […]

MT-Moderate requires reinstall after MT Upgrade

Don’t Back Down – Moderate Archives. Just a reminder to folks that most of the time, when you upgrade from say 3.15 to 3.16, the plugins are fine. That isn’t true with MT-Moderate because it modifies one of the standard templates, the list_ping.tmpl, so when you do a dumb upgrade, you overwrite the file and […]


MT-Blacklist/Comment Spam Clearinghouse: Introducing SpamLookup I’ve been using MT-Blacklist for a while, but now it looks like its time to convert to SpamLookup, a new plugin by Brad Choate. Even the author of MT-Blacklist thinks folks should switch. It adds many more rules for preventing spam, which everyone needs. I’m up to 35,000 comment spam […]

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