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Bib Shorts

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My three pairs of Castelli Y2Pro’s are wearing out. Two have been just great, but one has a hole in the pad, the later one I got started unraveling the minute I had it. This was an ebay purchase, so caveat emptor applied. So what bib shorts to get: “Assos FI.13 S-2 Bib Shorts”:http://www.roadbikereview.com/clothing/shorts/Assos/PRD_143311_1655crx.aspx. I…

Bike Shoes

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Well, my trusty dusty Sidi Genius 4’s are finally fading. The velcro straps are wearing out and of course carbon fiber soles are all the rage, so what to get. Here are some choices: “Rocket 7 Super Stock”:http://www.cyclingnews.com/tech.php?id=tech/2004/reviews/rocket7_super_stock. Heck, these shoes are made in Puyallup, so I have to give them a try. Main virture…