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Finding Connie on the Web

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Connie says she doesn’t have a neat web site. A quick “google”:http://google.com/search?q=constance+mao search shows that it’s true, in fact this entry is one of the top ones. In fact, she’s the #1 hit for Constance Mao on google. What pride: * “University of Washington”:http://depts.washington.edu/obgyn/FacultyFiles/Faculty.html#?http://depts.washington.edu/obgyn/FacultyFiles/ContentFiles/Mao.html. Where she works * “HPV Paper”:http://jama.ama-assn.org/issues/v288n14/abs/joc11676.html. A Jama paper she coauthored….

Connie's Summer

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The darling person who made me come up to Seattle?right now, she’s doing research at University of Washington after having spent a few years working in a small private practice and Virginia Mason. Here she is enjoying a beautiful day on Lake Washington. Alex and Connie with Elana’s Kids at Legoland. Connie’s dearest friend with…