Medos Vodka

“Medos”: is another love of Johnza’s is vodka. Here is one via Europe that you can only get from a Montana distributor It is hard to find, but “froogle”: says that Internet Wine “Store”: has it.

Microwave Oven Reviews

“GE Spacemaker II 1 cu ft 800 watts stainless steel JEM31SF”: It figures that 18 months after we buy a microwave that it dies. We are stuck on GE mainly because they haven’t change the user interface and the thought of learning more than one is terrifying. Lists for $249 (stainless), but the regular colors […]

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict New York: What Is Eggs Benedict?. An entire website dedicated to Egg Benedict. A delicious Sunday meal. Fast facts: * “Easy Eggs Benedict”: * “Food Network”:,,FOOD_9936_8502,00.html. A classic recipe 2 English muffins, split, toasted and buttered 4 thick slices ham or Canadian bacon, warmed 4 poached eggs 1/2 cup Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce: […]

Christmas Kitchenware Recommendations 2004 Another good things for the Christmas lists. Here’s someone in Atlanta that has a great selection of super high quality cookware. My personal favorites (that I thought I blogged, but can’t find now): * “All-Clad Cookware”: Top rated in many places. The most durable is the brushed aluminum of Master Chef 2 , but […]

New Years Eve 2002 Dinner

Connie put me in charge the night before, so I was more than a little nervous. Finally decided to do Southwest as a theme because I just couldn’t get pumped about Greek. We use the Pasqual cookbook. It’s a terrific restaurant in Santa Fe. We had an incredible menu thanks to the efforts of Phil, […]

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