Christmas Kitchenware Recommendations 2004

Christmas Kitchenware Recommendations 2004 Another good things for the Christmas lists. Here's someone in Atlanta that has a great selection of super high quality cookware. My personal favorites (that I thought I blogged, but can't find now):
* "All-Clad Cookware": Top rated in many places. The most durable is the brushed aluminum of Master Chef 2 , but Connie really likes the all stainless look even though it gets dirty after a while of LTD
* "Wusthof Knives": These again are the top rated knives. We've had them for about two years and I can tell you they are really awesome. Only regret is that I should have gotten a better knife sharpener (see below)
* "Chef's Choice Sharpener": Cook's Life did a review of sharpeners and Chef's Choice was the clear winner. The 320 is the lower end model at $99. You might think ridiculously expensive until you actually cut something with a sharp knife. Changes your world. I'm holding on this as a Christmas gift 🙂
* "Rabbit Corkscrew': Another seemingly crazy gift, this is a wine bottle opener that really works. Usually $100 at Williams-Sonoma, their version is $70.

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